I See Simon

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the place that all aspiring actors go, a hub of creativity, the ‘new cool’ and a place where the hopes and dreams of young and old thespians alike can be made or broken. The August festival, of both the sublime and the ridiculous, serves up year after year some astounding fresh, young talent and one play set to get tongues racing is a new production by two playwrights with a pretty impressive pedigree.

I See Simon is the brainchild of Edinburgh virgins Alexander Thomas and Peregrine Fellowes. Fellowes is a recognisable name in the stage and film world and Peregrine, or Pip to his mates, is the son of the Julian Fellowes, the English actor, novelist, film director and screenwriter who won the Oscar for Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen in 2002, ‘Gosford Park’.

The play follows a young couple on the brink of a happy life, or so it would seem. It is an examination of a love triangle and what happens when those you love do not love you back. Simultaneously looking into the effects of the loss of a vital part of that triangle forever.

Simon (Oliver Tobin)is a mysterious fellow, he is the man that everyone loves; however through the conversations he has with his friends we get glances of the chinks in his armour of self-confidence and flamboyance.

Oliver Tobin

The Man is more naïve. He retains the ideals that we all share when we are young that everything is going to be all right on the night. Whatever happens he takes it in his stride believing that, through the love of his wife, everything will come right in the end. That is until the ultimate horror creeps in.

His Wife (Thea Beyleveld) has created a bubble for herself in which to live to avoid being hurt. She has made the choice to marry this man who can keep her safe and who will love her until his dying day perhaps ignoring her own true feelings.

Thea Beyleveld

The aim is not to tell the audience who they must like but instead to give them a choice. As in life no one is perfect but it is their imperfections that provide the make up for these characters.

Jaz Cat Dalrymple

The play will see music scored by up-and-coming London-based musician Jaz Cat Dalrymple.

I See Simon will play The Den at the Zoo Roxy (Zoo Venues) from the 15th– 29th August.

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