Toploader (L to R - Rob Green, Joe Washbourn, Dan Hipgrave and Matt Knight)

Toploader are back with a brand new album, ‘Only Human,’ on Monday 6th June. Working with Morrissey and Coldplay’s producer Danton Supple, the new album will surprise many expecting an album full of ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ tracks.

Following an extended hiatus from music after selling over two million records worldwide, the new material sees the melodic rock-pop four-piece back with an album that trails their journey back into the recording studio. Lead singer Joe Washbourn has stated that the band always felt that they had left some unfinished business and that this new album is the one they always wanted to make.

Debut single ‘Never Stop Wondering’, received rave reviews upon its radio release on BBC Radio 2. Toploader have since embarked on a successful sold-out UK tour previewing the new album, where ‘Never Stop Wondering’ became the unrivalled soundtrack for Sky Sports and the BBC, providing the anthem for major sporting events such as the FA Cup, Formula One, Cricket World Cup and Rugby Six Nations.

'Only Human' is released on Monday 6th June 2011

The eagerly anticipated follow-up, ‘A Balance To All Things’, is released on Monday 20th June and has already debuted as the ‘Uncharted Territory’ track on Radio 2’s Breakfast Show.

Opening track ‘Marrakech’ kicks off the album with distinct off beat drums, still with the classic Toploader sound that made them a hit all those years ago, but now with a darker, airier twist. The album proceeds to establish itself with a series of rousing and anthemic numbers. The first single ‘A Balance To All Things’, ‘Sound Of Your Soul’ and the synth-led ‘Never Stop Wondering’ all showcase the band’s ability to craft melody-driven songs on a large scale.

Toploader hanging by the fireplace, it was a cold day

The album takes the listener through a journey from the gentle (‘Paradise’) and beautiful (‘Only Human’) tracks, rising to a crescendo with the raw guitars and anthemic sound of stand out track, ‘She Said’ which is evidence alone that this isn’t the same band that most remember for ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’.

With this fresh approach to their musicality, guitarist Dan Hipgrave adds, “This is the album we always wanted to make, exactly the way we wanted to make it”.

The break away has benefited Joseph Washbourn (vocals + keys), Dan Hipgrave (guitar), Matt Knight (Bass) and Rob Green (Drums) allowing them to once again enjoy the process of song writing.

Lead singer Joe Washbourn has also signed up to ITV 1’s hit show Popstar to Operastar which launches tonight after all the drama of Britain’s Got Talent seeing the down to earth, curly haired singer from Eastbourne taking on the likes of 2009’s X Factor winner Joe McElderry, Claire Richards from Steps, RnB legend Jocelyn Brown, Erasure’s Andy Bell, Live Aid god Midge Ure, Melody Thornton from the Pussycat Dolls and Eurovison winner Cheryl Baker.

Joe Washbourn set to challenge himself vocally on ITV's Popstar to Operastar

Not eager for limelight or fame, Joe is just chomping at the bit to show the public his passion has always been for music and singing, “Everyone takes reality shows with a pinch of salt, but it is a great opportunity for me to just do what I love… sing, and challenge myself both vocally and emotionally, doing something completely out of the ordinary. Pop Star to Opera Star has a brilliant line-up this year, although I’m competing against a virtual saint in Midge Ure… there is no way the big man upstairs will let me beat him!”

Toploader’s brand new album, ‘Only Human’ is out on Monday 6th June on Underdogs Music.

Pop Star to Opera Star commences on Sunday 5th June on ITV1. Follow Joe’s own journey on his twitter @toploaderuk

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Only Human Track Listing

1. Marrakech

2. A Balance To All Things

3. Sound Of Your Soul

4. Never Stop Wondering

5. Paradise

6. Only Human

7. Closure

8. Weight Of The World

9. She Said

10. Shifting Sands

11. Numb

12. A Balance To All Things (Ash Howes Radio Mix)