Lizzie Mary Cullen

Multi award-winning artist Lizzie Mary Cullen, named one of the Hot 50 People Making a Difference in Design by Design Week Magazine recently, is bringing her talent to London next week when she participates in an illustration and endurance challenge.

­Illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen and creative-process blog have teamed up to develop an epic challenge of pens, endurance and psycho-geography.

The 24-hour PENDURANCE Challenge will see Lizzie attempt to illustrate 50 London locations in under 24-hours.

Starting in Charing Cross at 12 o’clock noon on Wednesday 1st June, Lizzie will be given instruction on specific locations to draw by Twitter users, through use of the hashtag #LizzieTWP.

Lizzie at work

The plan is to create a hand-drawn, psycho-geographic map of an alternative London – the assumption being that sites suggested will be of personalised, emotional significance to the Tweeter, rather than the traditional London landmarks – submissions are more likely to be chosen if there’s a good story that comes with the suggestion.

Lizzie will be traversing the city, seeking out these hidden treasures to illustrate on location. She will spend a minimum of ten minutes on each drawing before making the sprint to the next site. Using London’s transport infrastructure, including the trusty “Boris Bike”, speed and skill are essential if the map is to be both clear and complete within the 24-hour timeframe.

TWP will be on hand to goad Lizzie and record her progress. The challenge will be filmed by a small crew equipped with HD-quality DSLR’s and presented later as a short film on

Example of Lizzie's work

Illustration requests will be uploaded to Flickr on-the-fly and Twitter followers will be updated through a dedicated stream of news and images via @Think_Work_Play.

If Lizzie is triumphant she will be awarded TWP’s coveted IRON-CREATIVE trophy, but if she fails she will have to suffer a humiliating forfeit.

The final psycho-geographic map – if completed – will later be available to buy as a print. Location suggestions can be made @LizzieMCullen and @Think_Work_Play.

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