FRAMED* could change the way we buy art

You might recognize the aesthetic of this project, as Yugo Nakamura is the Tokyo-based consultant designer that was tapped by Uniqlo to do their interface design. Nakamura’s latest project done in conjunction with Interior / Product Designer and fellow Tokyoite Yoshihiro Saitoh, and Taiwan’s Om Inc. design & engineering firm, is called FRAMED*.


FRAMED* is a rather Apple-like project in the sense that these guys have looked at a bunch of existing technologies and figured out how to put them together to create a rich and compelling experience, with elements of it old enough to be familiar but new enough to be lustworthy. At its core, FRAMED* consists of a Samsung flatscreen, a PC computer and a web interface, but to define it by its constituent parts is rather like calling an iPod a hard drive and a screen.


What it amounts to is a super-slim 40″ monitor hanging from your wall, featuring moving art that you download from a web interface and select to display using your smartphone.

It’s best understood by viewing the promotional vid:


Nakamura and co. are currently lining up artists, buyers and distributors for FRAMED* and are maintaining a Twitter and Facebook presence to reveal updates.

Source Core77