Interbest Ad Space For Sale

After since Eva Herzigova caused cars to crash in the infamous “Hello Boys” advert for Wonderbra, the power of semi nudity and sales on billboard adverts has been seen across the globe. From the down right shocking to bare cheeks, advertisers will do anything to get motorists to stop, look and take notice. Now it seems that those selling the advertising space are using these same tricks to lure potential investors into advertising.

Y&R Amsterdam uses the fear of seeing a less than average looking (apparently, I personally think he is divine) guy naked to sell some roadside billboard space for Interbest, revealing more and more of the man each day until there was an advertiser.

Great idea and certainly one that worked a treat as I and others have written about it… what next… a scratch and sniff vagina to promote thrush cream or something? Now that is a thought!

In full swing… well worth a click –

Interbest's male stripper advertising space

Oh and just if you wanted to remind yourself of Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova's Hello Boys Wonderbra Advert