'Cradle Installation' by Ball Nogues, part of the public art initiative

Los Angeles based practice Brooks + Scarpa have completed improvements to the Frank Gehry-designed parking garages at Santa Monica Place Mall. building on the success of the 3rd street promenade and Southern California’s ideal outdoor climate, now creating a more walkable and friendly atmosphere.

Offering large canvas spaces for local public art, the completely redesigned space is now a structure of beauty from the green block shell it was before.

'Redesigned Santa Monica Parking Garages' by Brooks + Scarpa, Santa Monica, California


Looking to preserve iconic elements of the original structure – including the beloved steel mesh signage created by Gehry – the enhancement seamlessly blends new components with old, to create a contemporary urban aesthetic. A multifaceted new facade transforms the street-side appearance, altering the viewers perception of space and function while visually integrating the building with the complex fabric of the city. A repetitious progression of slatted panels enclose the upper volume, shifting in position and permeability to create a complex patterned facade that resembles that off wood palettes. constructed from a simple repeatable form, the cement board slats are quickly and economically mass produced.

View from the street

The entrance

Injecting a sense of life and activity into the promenade are a series of additional improvements including retail outlets, bike stations, improved pedestrian access and public art that encourage a more convivial and welcoming experience.

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View at night

A secondary phase, yet to be completed, will see the installation of over 1000 solar panel equipped canopies on the top parking levels. providing both electric energy and shade, the gesture will help to welcome the newly renovated structure into a more sustainable, 21st century.

What it was like before