THINK-WORK-PLAY.COM is a magazine format site that explores the creative process with interviews with Dominic Wilcox, Ken Leung and Daniel Pemberton.

It’s about shedding light on inspirations and influences, the processes and prototyping that takes place and the editing and eventual exhibiting of the completed concept.

The site acts as a showcase for ideas – from inception, through development and eventual realisation. The scope for content is broad, covering everything from conceptual art to service design, performance and song writing to performance art, magazine design and new concepts in dining. The focus is the holistic process of creation across these key stages:

THINK: Where do the ideas begin? This section investigates what inspires people, how briefs or commissions are interpreted – the first thoughts, what remains constant and how things change.

WORK: This is about the work in progress, the steps forward from initial concept towards end product. It’s about taking a look inside studios, at prototyping, at what soundtracks the project, what feeds it and drives it forward or sometimes taking it down a blind alley but always informing the end result.

PLAY: This is all about the joy of the end product – the fruit of the creative labours, celebrating structures, virals, frocks, paintings, parties, music promos, illustrations and beyond.

Check out the latest video on composer Daniel Pemberton (previous work – Little Big Planet & Peep Show):

[vimeo w=500&h=281] is a video content site that attempts to get inside creative process of people working in London today.