‘House in Mattsee’ by Linz-based firm Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig is a two-storey private dwelling in a village in northwest Austria. Now that doesn’t seem enough for me to bring it to your attention, but trust me, close your eyes (ok don’t that would’t help in reading a blog post) and take a journey one of the coolest houses I have seen in ages.

Now my father was a chartered surveyor, yeah it is boring, but he did give me a love for Dire Straits on road trips to look at houses – trust me when you are young a drive to look at house designs it isn’t the best thing you could do on a Saturday afternoon! But, these drives do give you an inner joy and affiliation to brilliant design, especially if you go to Essex and see all the footballers who have horrible mock-Tudor shit holes!

‘House in Mattsee’ is composed of a prefabricated concrete structure and a wooden form, the compact house seeks to create a transitional space that interacts directly with the nearby nature reserve. Abiding by the local authorities, the project features a pitched roof with all its basic functions accommodated within.

The wooden house was constructed underneath it, creating a dynamic dichotomy in the dwelling’s exterior expression. a large overhang in the back shelters the basket-weave facade while providing a shade and a sheltered outdoor space. Large sliding glass doors allow the inhabitants to extend the interior to the garden.

For more on the architects, Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig visit http://www.kleboth-lindinger.com