CREEP live at Shoreditch House

Last night I went to Shoreditch House to watch latest Brooklyn buzz band CREEP perform on the roof of East London’s own buzz venue, that is if you are a member or have a mate who is one. Another great find for Caius Pawson’s supreme indie label Young Turks, CREEP’s Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard have combined to  create a dark, poignant new take on electro that is splattered with gothic tones and yet the beats are hauntingly beautiful… Maybe a new genre of music is about to emerge – pop gothic, who would have thought?


In fact in the US they already have a term for this new genre – Witch House. Mixing house music, colossal (and often slow) 808-tinged beats and howling female vocals shrouded in reverb with healthy doses of shoegaze textures and industrial clangs. But it’s really those teenage years as Goths that tie everything together.

Lauren Dillard (left) and Lauren FLax (right)

Lauren Flax has made a name for herself across the globe as a DJ and now teaming up with Dillard, may have just stumbled across something beautiful.

The set was as previously mentioned haunting and insanely dark, but got all the sometimes stiff individuals moving off their deckchairs where they had been sunning themselves all day to actually stand up and shimmy over to the side bar. Creative videos played in the background of the two on stage as Dillard and Flax went between instruments and sounds, beautifully shot, the visuals made the setting and created the mood. In front of the two, Flax in tie-dye t-shirt and blue jeans and Dillard in black hoodie and black jeans sat Rico the cellist, wind sometimes blowing his sheet music airborne.

Rico, inadvertently became the star of the show for me, leaving mid set to dash to the toilet – ahhh the perils of no toilet break before you hit stage! Rico, you will learn next time, but I think most people didn’t notice! 😉

Backlit... perfect for moody music

Now, I believe in that Caius does, from Jack Penate to XX (Romy features on the bands Days track last year and was there last night to support), there is little this powerhouse of a label can’t do. Check out Caius’ other acts at XL too, Tyler the Creator and Jai Paul… if there is a cooler label out there – I dare you to let me know!

This article featured on the Soho House website – go on have a gander –!

Listen to ‘Days’ –