Following last year’s Howl, the Angelheaded Hipsters exhibition at the National Theatre and Walter Salles’s yet-to-be-released On the Road, comes Big Sur, an adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel by writer-director Michael Polish.


The independent production will star the French-American actor Jean-Marc Barr as Kerouac’s thinly veiled alter ego Jack Duluoz, while Josh Lucas co-stars as Cody Pomeray, a substitute for regular Keroauc muse Neal Cassady. The cast also includes Kate Bosworth, Radha Mitchell and Anthony Edwards.

Jean-Marc Barr set for lead role

Published in 1962, the autobiographical Big Sur charts the meltdown of a feted young author, who flees his native New York to hole up in a cabin on the coast of California. It was based on Kerouac’s own experiences at Big Sur, where he fled to escape the whirlwind success that followed the publication of On the Road. The author died in October 1969 from an internal haemorrhage, brought on by years of heavy drinking.

Kate Bosworth who is set to play love interest Billie is seen here topless on a beach last week

Here at Culture and Life we say the more Kerouac the merrier!